Statue of Dracula

Statue of Dracula

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His mysterious name, the terrifying methods of treating his enemies and conflicts with Brasov merchants that caracterized him propagandistic as a lord with a demonic cruelty, are probably the reasons of choosing him as the famous vampire in Stoker’s novel. Bestbuy gift for a toy soldier collector.

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Lead Statue facing the famous Wallachian Lord, Vlad the Impaler called also Dracula. Born in Transylvania in the medieval Citadel of Sighisoara, he ruled Wallachia in the mid 15th century. Became much feared for his severity. Dracula used to punish his enemy by putting/impaling them into a spear/stakes and displaing them in order to frighten. He was the son of the brave Vlad Dracul, knight in the Order of the Dragon, founded by King Sigismund of Hungary, to defend the Empire against the Ottoman turks.

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